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The film chronicles events of The Fort Wayne Mullet Man, Patrick Kopacz, and his evolution into a Facebook folk hero over the past three decades. Two best friends turn the city of Fort Wayne, Indiana upside down to unlock the mystery of what draws strangers to the Silver Fox and to understand how he became a local legend. Garnering a cult-like following for his nonchalant showmanship and immaculate silver mullet, Patrick serves as a representation of the freedom we rarely experience ourselves. Utilizing a combination of zany re-enactments, internet memes, archival footage and featuring interview subjects ranging from family/close friends to bar patrons, media personalities and intellectuals, AMERICAN MULLET: LEGEND OF THE SILVER FOX is the folktale of the 21st century.

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Latest News

Fort Wayne's NBC Adam Shear

The Man. The Myth. The Mullet: Fort Wayne man’s haircut creates internet buzz

Patrick’s popularity has grown even bigger in the Facebook-era. Despite not having a personal Facebook profile, there’s a group devoted to Patrick with nearly 6000 followers, who are always on the lookout for the elusive silver fox.

American Mullet Movie Review

4 out of 5 Stars!

"...some of the shots from interviews like the one above, carefully lit and evoking a campfire aesthetic, infuse the tale with the kinds of limitless endeavors you’d dream up in a circle of friends. And that’s the refreshing, magical, fountain of youth spell that director Ryne Hastings and his collective crew cast in the film’s earnest approach to unfold a mystery, reminding us that the end matters far less than the journey it takes to get there or the many people you meet along the way." - Logan Bushey, Film Critic

98.9 The Bear Morning After Radio Interview

American Mullet Documentary Is Finally Here!

The film that shines on Fort Wayne Mullet Man has been in the works for two years. You can view it tonight at 9pm at Three Rivers Festival on the Ruoff Festival Plaza.

Journal Gazette Movie Review

Film delves into 'Mullet Man'

“We want to preserve his legend and part of that is keeping the folkloric aspect of it going,” Hastings said. “When you think about what folklore is, it's based on truth but also a lack of knowledge about the person.” Blake Sebring

WHATZUP Movie Review

Party in the back for Mullet movie

"Fort Wayne has had its share of memorable figures over the years. Disco Harry and The Walking Man come to mind immediately, along with historic figures like Johnny Appleseed and General “Mad” Anthony Wayne. But as iconic as those guys are, it could be argued that none are more memorable than the “Fort Wayne Mullet Man,” Patrick Kopacz." - Chris Hupe, Features Writer

Actor Scott Hess and EP Dan Epple Interview!

Learn more about the film from North America's oddest local talk show, Mastication Station!

NBC Fort Wayne

Local Hair Legend gets Documentary!

"If you’ve gone out for drinks in the Fort, you’ve likely seen him—a man with a mane that’s business in the front and a party in the back." - Jazlynn Bebout, WPTA Digital Editor

WBOI 89.1 Mullet Man Interview

Buy the ticket, take the ride!

Check out the blog and audio of when our team was interviewed by Julia Meek with 89.1 WBOI! We discuss the project and what else is to come in the future!

The Bear 98.9 Mullet Man Interview

Does the Fort Wayne Mullet Man have the best mullet of all time?!


Listen to some of the interview with 98.9 The Bear's John The Mexican and Heather! We discuss greatest mullets of all time and a teaser for the epic Birthday Bash!

Silver Mullet Ale is here!

Inspired by the Silver Fox's love of Coors Light®, Hop River and Gunslinger has teamed up to bring you a napkin ready beer with flavor!

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